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MySQL Data Manager

It is a versatile and user-friendly multi-lingual accounting and finance planning program...

File Size: 876 KB License: Free to try OS: Win95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP Requirements: 32M RAM 20M free HD space

MySQL Data Manager is a multifunctional and platform independent web based mysql administration tool. This is a CGI script for management, development and support of Mysql databases over the Internet or Intranet using web browser based interface. It provides a complete set of high-level and low-level capabilities.

High-level functions low to accomplish a lot with a single mouse click while low-level functions let you do precisely what you want. You get a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of almost any Mysql web application.

MySQL Data Manager is written in Perl and uses HTML to create the GUI. Some functions include:


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Key Features:

Create and Alter tables; Import data from CSV files generated by other applications; Export search results and entire table into CSV files to use them with other applications.

Backup and Restore the entire database or selected tables in seconds; Create, edit and delete Mysql user accounts in bulk; Manage privileges of single and multiple users on all levels: global, database, table and column.

Search and Modify records using multiple search criteria; Edit multiple records from search result, directly or by uploading files from local computer; Edit or delete records in bulk using spreadsheets!

Insert data directly or by uploading file from local computer; Visually compose SELECT query, joining several tables; Generate Printable Output; Create, save, edit and run SQL scripts and use them as Shortcuts. Multiple queries and comments are supported; Assign a desired Character Set.

Optimize, Analyze, Repair and Check tables. Show status, Variables etc; Provide each user with dedicated subdirectory to store backups, SQL scripts and exported or uploaded ASCII files.

Assign maximum total size per user of saved backups, SQL scripts and exported or uploaded ASCII files; Customize colors and add clickable image; Set up operational parameters using visual interface.

As secure as your Mysql Server is. User name and password are not stored in any config file and Ability to operate in Multi-User environment as universal control panel for wide range of database applications and services.

All data types are supported; All table types are supported; All Mysql versions are supported and Ability to preview and customize automatically generated queries.

Quick Backup and Restore; Quick Import and Export; User friendly error handling; Platform independence. This is Perl Script; Local connection to databases located on a remote host. Global access over the Internet; Fully transparent access to Mysql Server; High performance, affordable price.

Excellent reliability and efficiency. The program generates only pure HTML code. It does not use client side scripting and images. All you see on the screen is built from standard HTML elements. That means also compatibility with all web browsers, higher rate of page downloading and lower traffic.

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