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Enable Virtual Desktop

Enable software has a whole range of great new features designed to make your work or play a whole lot easier...

File Size: 3.49 MB License: Free to try OS: Win95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP Requirements: 32M RAM 20M free HD space

Too many open windows on your desktop at once? Get rid of the clutter and confusion on your desktop with Enable Virtual Desktop. It lets you switch between desks and windows quickly and easily and set up rules so your windows will behave the way you want them to.

enable knows that you always want your desktop to look great, so enable Virtual Desktop is fully customisable. You can even set up a different appearance for each of your desktops.

What is a Virtual Desktop? Virtual Desktop is the term commonly used to describe a popular way to organize the open windows in your desktop. Imagine you hooked up a large number of monitors to your computer and had a separate desktop for each. enable Virtual Desktop gives you the same results with only one monitor. enable Virtual Desktop provides a mini-window that shows you a graphical representation of what is in each desktop, including the ones you can't currently see. Using the mini-window you can switch between desktops or move windows from one desktop to another. There is no need for overlapping windows with a virtual desktop...simply arrange your windows neatly, and if they don't fit, switch to a new desktop.

The enable Virtual Desktop Mini-Window is the easy way to organise and navigate your desktops. The fully customizable mini-window lets you see exactly what is on each of your virtual desktops. Selecting the active virtual desk using the mini-window is as simple as clicking in the desk you want to activate.

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Key Features:

Create different shaped desktops by changing the number of rows and columns and switch from one desk to another FAST, using hotkeys or mouse.

Configure different wallpaper/patterns/colors for each virtual desktop.

Switch desks quickly using drag switching - just drag your mouse to the desk boundary and enable Virtual Desktop will switch to the next desk.

Navigate around your virtual desktops as if they were one single continuous desktop, using drag sliding.

Assign rules for windows, such as: make window "sticky" (appears in all virtual desks) and Set enable Virtual Desktop up to be as compatible as possible with windows with which it does not work well.

Specify in which desk a window should start; Specify the position in which a window should start; Specify the initial size of a window; Specify whether a window should start as an icon; and Specify the number of times a rule should be run (so you can set different rules for the same window).

Re-apply all your window rules at any time, so you can re-organize your desktop FAST and scroll through all your open windows quickly and easily using the enable Virtual Desktop Window Selector.

Customize the mini-window, with options including: semi-transparent mini-window display (for Windows98 and above); titlebar; taskbar icon; SysTray icon; always on top; auto-hide and Set up global hotkeys so you can easily switch desks, control the mini-window.

Use SysTray icons to select virtual desks even when the mini-window is hidden and take quick screenshots (to file or clipboard) without needing to load other applications!

Save the appearance of your mini-window and share your setup with others.

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