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Don't waste another minute dealing with percent problems. This script will solve both of these for you, just enter the values!

What is % of ? Answer:
is what percent of ? Answer: %

Add the below code to the <body> section of your page:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
/* Visit for full source code
and get more free JavaScript, CSS and DHTML scripts! */
<!-- Begin
function calc1(form) {
a = form.a.value/100;
b = a*form.b.value;
form.total1.value = b;
function calc2(form) {
a = form.c.value;
b = form.d.value;
c = a/b;
d = c*100;
form.total2.value = d;

//  End -->
<form name="form1">
<table border=1 cellpadding=4 cellspacing=1>
align=center nowrap>What is
<input type="text" name="a" size=5>
% of
<input type="text" name="b" size=5>?</td>
align=center nowrap>Answer: <input type="text" name="total1"
size=5 maxlength=40></td>
align=center><input type="button" value="Calculate"
align=center colspan=3 align=center>Or...</td>
align=center nowrap><input type="text" name="c" size=5>
is what
percent of
<input type="text" name="d" size=5>?</td>
align=center nowrap>Answer: <input type="text" name="total2"
size=5> %</td>
align=center><input type="button" value="Calculate"

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