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Scrolls >>> Select Menu.

A select menu that scrolls that rotates the items to give the appearance that they are scrolling. Useful if you would like a scroller inside a table cell or to be compatible with older browsers.

Add the below code to the <body> section of your page:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
/* Visit for full source code
and get more free JavaScript, CSS and DHTML scripts! */
<!-- Begin
function selectScroller(n) {
optlist = document.scrollform.scroller;
optlist[optlist.length] = new Option(optlist[0].text, "", false, false);
optlist[0] = null;
optlist.selectedIndex = -1;
n = (n + 1) % optlist.length;
// change the speed below: 1000 = 1 second.
function Go()
window.onload = Go;
//  End -->
<form name="scrollform">
name="scroller" size=8>
This select option list will
<option>scroll text by copying
<option>the top line to the bottom
<option>line before deleting the
<option>top line. This moves the
<option>options up one line and
<option>gives the impression of
You can leave as many
<option>blank lines as you feel
<option>necessary to give the
<option>look of begining and
This script was written
<option>in response to those
<option>who wanted a news
<option>scroller to work within
<option>a table's cell and for
<option>those who want old
<option>browsers to also see
<option>a scoller on the page.

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