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In this chapter, you learned how to create and traverse the XML DOM objects in both Internet Explorer and Firefox, as well as the differences between the two browser implementations. You once again used the cross-browser XML library zXml, which enables you to create, traverse, and manipulate XML DOM objects easily using a single interface. You also learned how to load XML data using JavaScript and output it to the page.

In the second section, a brief introduction to XPath showed you the power the language offers for XML documents. You learned the IE and Firefox ways of supporting XPath and namespaces, which are quite different from one another. To ease this difficulty, the zXPath object of the zXml library was introduced, again providing one interface to select desired nodes easily for both browsers.

Finally, you learned about XSLT transformations, and how to perform them using MSXML and the Firefox XSLTProcessor class. Although the two interfaces have a few things in common, another crossbrowser object of the zXml library was introduced to smooth out the wrinkles: the zXslt object, which allows XSLT transformations to be performed on both platforms with one method call.

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