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When you use a RadioButtonList control, you add a single control to the page. Adding items to the control is a separate process that depends on whether you will display a static list in the control or a list generated dynamically at run time.


The procedure for working with individual RadioButton Web server controls is different. For details, see How to: Add Individual RadioButton Web Server Controls to a Web Forms Page.

To add a RadioButtonList control to a Web Forms page

  1. Type an <asp:RadioButtonList> element onto the page. For syntax, see RadioButtonList Web Server Control.

  2. Optionally, change the orientation of the caption by setting the TextAlign property.

  3. Optionally, change the layout of the control to display multiple columns. For details, see How to: Set Layout in a RadioButtonList Web Server Control.

  4. Create items for the control in one of these ways:

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