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Because of changes to the ASP.NET security model, you might need to change security access permissions for any existing COM+В 1.0 Services Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) components that you plan to use with ASP.NET applications. A common exception when calling an MTS component without the necessary security permissions is [COMException (0x800a0046): Permission denied].

Before using an MTS component from an ASP.NET application, make the security changes described in the following steps.

To update permissions for an existing MTS component

  1. Run Dcomcnfg.exe.

    The Component Services management console window opens. This console is also available from the Administrative Tools menu.

  2. Expand Component Services, Computers, My Computer, and COM+ Applications.

  3. Select the MTS application under COM+ Applications and open the Properties window for the application.

  4. Click the Identity tab and change the account under which the component runs to a new local machine account that was created solely for this purpose.

  5. Under Computers, select My Computer and then open the Properties window.

  6. On the COM Security tab, under Access Permissions, click Edit Default and add the user account that you added to the Identity tab in step 4.

  7. Restart IIS to ensure that the changes are applied.

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