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If your application uses the ASP.NET membership system to authenticate users, you can use the CreateUserWizard control to allow users to create a new user entry in the membership system (The CreateUserWizard control can also be used by administrators to create new users).


If your Web application uses Integrated Windows authentication, you cannot create or manage users from the application. For more information, see Limiting Access to ASP.NET Web Sites.

For information on how to configure your application to use membership, see Introduction to Membership for more details.

To enable user registration

  1. Create or edit an ASP.NET Web page that does not require permissions.

  2. Place a CreateUserWizard control on the page using the following syntax:

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    <asp:CreateUserWizard ID="CreateUserWizard1" Runat="server">
  3. Set the ContinueDestinationPageUrl property to the URL of the page that users will visit after completing registration, such as your home page or a member page.


    When users complete the registration form, by default they are logged in automatically.

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