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3.5 Page and Control Events

The page and controls all have a number of events that are derived from the Control class (or the TemplateControl class, in the case of the Error event). All pass an event argument of type EventArgs that exposes no properties. Some of these events are listed in Table 3-2.

Table 3-2. Some common page and control events

Event name



Occurs when control binds to a data source


Occurs when control is released from memory


For the page only, occurs when an unhandled exception is thrown


Occurs when the control is initialized


Occurs when the control is loaded to the Page object


Occurs when the control is about to be rendered


Occurs when the control is unloaded from memory

Binding a control to a data source means that the control and the data source are tied together so that the control knows to use that data source for populating itself. Chapter 9 provides a complete description of controls and data binding.

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