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Determines whether the active or specified window is minimized.




Specifies the name of the window WMINIMUM(В ) evaluates. You can specify the name of a Visual FoxPro system window (the Command window, the Data Session window, a Browse window, and so on). If you omit WindowName, WMINIMUM(В ) returns a logical value for the active window. You can also include the empty string in WindowName to specify the main Visual FoxPro window.

Return Value



In Visual FoxPro for Windows, windows can be reduced to an icon.

A user-defined window created with DEFINE WINDOW can be minimized only if the MINIMIZE keyword is included in its definition.

WMINIMUM(В ) returns true (.T.) if the current or specified window is minimized; otherwise it returns false (.F.). In Visual FoxPro, you can include the name of a toolbar. However, WMINIMUM(В ) always returns false (.F.) for a toolbar because toolbars cannot be minimized.

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