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This version of the Visual FoxPro Help documentation contains many improvements and suggestions we have gathered from our customers. We value your feedback and welcome any additional suggestions about the documentation that can help make it easier to use.

Each topic in Visual FoxPro Help contains a "Send feedback on this topic to Microsoft" hyperlink on every topic page that you can use to submit your comments about the Help topic. Clicking the link opens a message template. The message template contains the necessary information about the topic so you do not have to type it in.

For product and technical support issues, please contact Microsoft product support services so they can be addressed appropriately. For more information, see Microsoft Visual FoxPro Technical Support.

To submit feedback about the documentation

  1. Locate the Help topic that you want to submit feedback for.

  2. Near the bottom of the topic, click Send feedback on this topic to Microsoft.

  3. Type your comments about how the topic can be improved or needs correction. Do not change the subject line of the message.

  4. When you are finished, click Send.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development 
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