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Returns the date on which a table was last updated.

LUPDATE([nWorkArea | cTableAlias])


nWorkArea| cTableAlias

Returns the last update to a table open in another work area. nWorkArea specifies the work area number and cTableAlias specifies the table alias. LUPDATE(В ) returns the date of the last update to the table in the currently selected work area if you omit nWorkArea and cTableAlias. If no table is open in the work area you specify, LUPDATE(В ) returns a blank date. If no table has the alias you specify, Visual FoxPro generates an error message.

Return Value



This function is useful in update procedures.

LUPDATE(В ) queries Windows to determine the date a table was last updated. However, the last two digits of the year the table was last updated are stored the table header.


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OPEN DATABASE (HOME(2) + 'data\testdata')
USE customer  && Open Customer table

? LUPDATE( )  && Displays date of last update

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