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Specifies whether the background of an object is transparent or opaque. Available at design time and run time.

Object.BackStyle[ = nStyle]

Return Value


The settings for the BackStyle property are:

Setting Description


Transparent. Anything behind the object is visible.


(Default) Opaque. The object's BackColor fills the control and obscures any color or graphics behind it.


Applies To: CheckBox Control | CommandGroup Control | Container Object | Control Object (Visual FoxPro) | EditBox Control | Image Control (Visual FoxPro) | Label Control (Visual FoxPro) | OptionButton Control | OptionGroup Control | Page Object | Shape Control | TextBox Control (Visual FoxPro)

You can use the BackStyle property to create transparent controls when you are using a background color on a Form object or when you want to place a control over a graphic. Use an opaque control when you want it to stand out on a busy background.

An object's BackColor property is ignored if the BackStyle property is set to 0 (Transparent).

For a Page object, the BackStyle property is read-only when the Tabs property is set to True (.T.) for the PageFrame containing the Page.

An object's BackStyle property is ignored if the object's Theme property is set to True (.T.).

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