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You can add records to the active table from another file. By default, Visual FoxPro adds all of the records and fields to the table. Using Append From options, you can specify fields or select records. For more information about field and record selection, see the sections How to: Select Fields to Append and How to: Select Records to Append.

To append data

  1. Browse the destination table.

  2. From the Table menu, choose Append Records.

  3. In the Type box, enter the format of the source file.

  4. In the From box, enter the name of the source file.

  5. In the To box, make sure the correct table name is showing.

    If the table name is not correct, choose Cancel, and then open the correct destination table. The To box shows the table active at the time you selected the Append From command.

  6. If you want to specify fields or select records to append, choose Options and complete the Options dialog box.

  7. Choose OK.

    Visual FoxPro adds the records to the table.

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