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When you provide "What's This?" Help on a form, a button with a question mark is displayed in the upper right corner of the form.

When a user clicks this button or presses SHIFT+ F1, the form is set to WhatsThis mode. You also can programmatically enter this state by calling the WhatsThisMode method of the form. When the form is in WhatsThis mode, the mouse pointer changes. A user can click a control and get context-sensitive help for that control in a pop-up window.

If the WhatsThisHelpID of a control or a form is set to -1 (the default), the text in the pop-up window indicates that no help topic is available for the control.

To provide "What's This?" Help

  1. Create a Help file with a topic for each control on the form.

  2. In the Map section of the Help project, map HelpContextID values to the topics.

  3. Set the WhatsThisHelp property of the form to true (.T.).

  4. Set the WhatsThisButton property of the form to true (.T.).

  5. Set the WhatsThisHelpID of the controls to the appropriate helpcontextID values.

  6. In the Load or Init of the form, use the SET HELP TO command to specify the help file for the form.

In addition to Whatthis.scx, this sample includes the following files:

File Description


The Help file for the form


The Help project file


The source document for the Help file

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