XMLNamespace Property

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Contains the following for the specified objects:

XMLAdapter: XMLNamespace contains the XML Namespace to which XMLAdapterВ XMLName belongs, if any. Read/write.

XMLTable: XMLNamespace contains the XML Namespace to which XMLTableВ XMLName belongs. If empty, the XMLAdapterВ Namespace property is used instead. Read/write.

Only the XMLTableВ ToCursor, ChangesToCursor, and ApplyDiffgram methods use the XMLTableВ XMLNameSpace. The XMLFieldВ XMLName should belong to the same namespace as XMLTableВ XMLName.


Return Value

Character data type. XMLNamespace contains a Unicode character string or is empty ("") when not populated.

Before assigning a string value to XMLNamespace, you must convert the value to Unicode. You can use the STRCONV(В ) function to perform this requirement.


Applies To: XMLAdapter Class | XMLTable Class

Visual FoxPro disregards the XMLTableВ XMLNamespace property when executing XMLAdapterВ ToXML method. Instead, it inserts the XMLTableВ XMLName and XMLFieldВ XMLName into the XMLAdapterВ XMLNamespace.

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