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In addition to form sets and forms, Visual FoxPro provides four base container classes:

To add container objects to a form

  • In the Form Controls toolbar, select the desired container object (button group, grid, option button group, or page frame) button and drag it to size in the form.

When you add a command button group or an option button group to a form in the Form Designer, the group contains two buttons by default. When you add a page frame to a form, the page frame contains two pages by default. You can add more buttons or pages by setting the ButtonCount Property or the PageCount Property to the number you want.

When you add a grid to a form, the ColumnCount property is set to – 1 by default, which indicates AutoFill. At run time, the grid will display as many columns as there are fields in the RowSource table. If you don't want AutoFill, you can specify the number of columns by setting the grid's ColumnCount property.

For more information about these container objects, see Understanding Container and Control Objects and Using Controls.

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