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Makes it possible for you to specify data environment and data session settings for the report or label.

This tab is pre-selected when you choose Load data environment from the Report menu.

Load data environment

Specifies options for loading a data environment for the report or label.

Copy from another report file

Specifies to replace the layout's current data environment with a copy of the data environment from another report (.frx) or label (.lbx) file.
Link to a DataEnvironment class

Specifies to link to a DataEnvironment class in a visual class library (.vcx) file or programmatic class library (.prg) file.

Displays the Open dialog box so you can select a report, label, or visual class library file containing the data environment you want to use.

Displays the chosen DataEnvironment class.
Class Library / Source

Displays the visual class library (.vcx) or program (.prg) file containing the DataEnvironment class, or the source report (.frx) or label (.lbx) file the data environment was loaded from.
Report uses a private data session

Specifies that the report engine should use a unique data session when running the report. The only tables available will be those in the report's Data Environment or explicitly opened in method code.

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