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When exporting, you can specify a condition that must be met to continue evaluating and selecting records. You enter this condition as a WHILE expression.

As long as the WHILE expression remains true, Visual FoxPro processes the source table. After finding a record that does not meet the condition, Visual FoxPro ends the evaluation process and exports the selected records. This option allows you to export records based on information outside of the values contained in the fields.

If you use a WHILE expression on a file that has not been indexed, the export process may end before evaluating all of the appropriate records. Before performing the export procedure, be sure the source table has the appropriate index active for the WHILE expression you want to use.

To enter criteria for ending record export

  1. From the File menu, choose Export.

  2. Enter the source table and destination file information.

  3. Choose While to build an expression in the Expression Builder dialog box.

    You do not need to include the WHILE command in the statement. For example, type sales > 1000 to see only sales above one thousand dollars.

  4. Choose OK.

    Visual FoxPro exports the records it evaluates while the expression is true.

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