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The DebugListener class provides debugging output to help developers understand what happens during an object-assisted report run.

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VisualВ FoxProВ Catalog\FoundationВ Classes\Output\Report Listeners



Base Class


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Parent Class

UtilityReportListener (ReportListener Utility and File-handling Foundation Class)


DebugListener adds the following public properties and methods to its parent class, UtilityReportListener.

Properties and methods Description

doDebug Method

Provides debug information for a ReportListener event or method.

Syntax: DoDebug(p0, pCount, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8, p9, p10, p11, p12

Return Values: none


p0 is a string representing the caller, used as an identifying label in each debug output line.

pCount is the value of PCOUNT() in the calling method, passed so doDebug knows how many parameters are significant for this debug output line.

p1 through p12 are the parameters received by the caller, passed to this method for debug output.

Remarks: DebugLister calls this method from every method of the ReportListener class relevant to a report run. Each call is the same, as follows:

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THIS.DoDebug(PROGRAM(), PCOUNT(), p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8, p9, p10, p11, p12)

A second debug output method, private to the class, provides debug information on the state of the CommandClauses object and ReportListener member properties in the LoadReport , BeforeReport, AfterReport, and UnloadReport events.

includeLoadandUnload Property

Indicates whether the debug information should include values from the LoadReport and UnloadReport events.

Default .T.

Remarks: You can set this value to .F. if you write LoadReport code that can return .F. to abnormally terminate the report run. You can also set this value to .F. if you do not need the additional data from the LoadReport and UnloadReport methods. For more information, see ReportListener Object.

verbose Property

Specifies whether the DebugListener should include extended information about parameter values of object type, as well as page, alias, and recno() information for each event or method.

Default .F.

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