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This dialog box makes it possible for you to change or break an object link. This menu option is enabled when you open a general field that contains a linked OLE object you generated in a separate application.


Displays the name and path of the linked file, the type of application, and the type of updating selected for the link.

Displays the complete name and location of the object file selected in the Link box.

Displays the object application or type of application to which the file selected in the Link box is linked.

Specifies how you want to update information.
  • Select Automatic to have Visual FoxPro update the information whenever new information becomes available.

  • Select Manual to update the information only when you select a link and click Update Now.

Update Now

Updates the link selected in the Link box. If information has changed in the object document, the new information shows in your form or report.
Open Source

Opens the selected file in the object application for editing.
Change Source

Displays the Change Source dialog box, where you can specify a different object file for the selected link or change item information.
Break Link

Breaks the link selected in the Link box. This changes the object to a picture, which can no longer be edited by the OLE application that created it.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development