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Specifies whether character and memo field types are created as Character (Binary) or Memo (Binary) data types. Read/write. There are two versions of the syntax.

XMLAdapter.NoCpTrans [= lValue]
XMLField.NoCpTrans [= lValue]

Return Value


Logical data type. The following table lists the values for lValue.

lValue Description

False (.F.)

Create field as normal Character or Memo field. (Default)

True (.T.)

Create field as Character (NoCpTrans) or Memo (NoCpTrans) field.


Applies To: XMLAdapter Class | XMLField Class

For more information about Visual FoxPro and XSD data type mapping, see Visual FoxPro and XML Schema Data Type Mapping.

Setting NoCpTrans at the XMLAdapter level sets the default NoCpTrans values for XMLField objects they are created and added to the Fields collection by the following XMLAdapter methods:

Additionally, changing NoCpTrans at the XMLAdapter level affects only the next set of XMLField objects created, not the existing XMLField objects in the Fields collection. Therefore, to modify the setting of NoCpTrans for an existing XMLField object, change the value at the XMLField level.

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