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This dialog box makes it possible for you to link or embed an OLE object from the Clipboard. Visual FoxPro places the object in the current General field. You must open the General Field window to paste the data.

To use Paste Special, you must first copy the object you want to paste to the Clipboard and then open the General Field window; this will enable the command. Paste Special opens the Paste Special dialog box.


Displays the application, directory, and file you are pasting from.

Displays the available formats for the object you are pasting. Select the format for the object according to what you want to be able to do with the stored object within Visual FoxPro. The Object format makes it possible for you to edit the object (for example, a Microsoft Excel worksheet object) by opening its source application from a field. If an object is in a Picture or Bitmap format, you cannot edit it from a table field. The Picture or Bitmap formats display the object and minimize the space it occupies in your file. If you plan to change the size of the object, choose the Picture format.

Embeds the object from the Clipboard in the current General field.
Paste Link

Links the object to Visual FoxPro so you can modify the object from within Visual FoxPro. Paste Link is only available when copying a saved object.
With a Microsoft Word document, both Paste and Paste Link are enabled.

Display As Icon

Displays the application icon instead of the data. This saves disk space when linking or embedding.
Change Icon

Displays the Change Icon dialog box, which makes it possible for you to specify the icon to be used for a linked or embedded object on a form or in a General field of a Visual FoxPro table. This button appears when you select the Display As Icon check box.

Describes what actions will be performed on the contents of the clipboard after you click OK. You can alter the description displayed by choosing the Paste, Paste Link, or Display As Icon options.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development