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These Solution samples illustrate tasks you can perform with reports.

In This Section

Print a Percent of Total in a Report Sample

Illustrates how to calculate and display values at the beginning of a report before all records from the record source have been printed.
Print an Invoice Sample

Illustrates how a report uses a view to combine information from multiple tables, a function to collect data from the user, and a one-to-many report layout.
Print Customer Mailing Labels Sample

Illustrates how to print mailing labels.
Print Data Dictionary Information Sample

Illustrates how to generate a report with the contents of a Visual FoxPro database.
Print in Catalog Format Sample

Illustrates how to print a directory, wrap text around graphics, alternate the printing position of controls, and position floating fields below fields that stretch.
Print Product Orders By Quarter Sample

Illustrates how to generate and print graphs without suspending normal operations.
Print Report Details in a Ledger Style Sample

Illustrates how to print a record list with an alternating background color.
Use Conditional Formatting in a Report Sample

Illustrates how to change field formatting based on record values.


Sample Class Libraries

Contains sample class libraries that provide encapsulated functionality you can add to your applications.
Visual FoxPro Foundation Classes A-Z

Describes Visual FoxPro Foundation classes you can use for rapid application development.
Reference (Visual FoxPro)

Includes Visual FoxPro general, programming language, user interface, and error message reference topics.

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Foundation Class Samples

Contains samples that illustrate use of the Visual FoxPro Foundation classes.
Server Samples (Visual FoxPro)

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Solution Samples

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Provides step-by-step instructions for common scenarios, making them a good place to begin learning about the various features of Visual FoxPro.

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