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Places text from a text file into a generated menu file.

#INSERT FileName



Specifies the name of the header file that is merged into the program during menu generation.


The #INSERT menu generator directive inserts the contents of FileName into generated menu code.

Use #INSERT to include a file in a generated menu program. For example, use #INSERT to place #DEFINE ... #UNDEF statements from a file in the beginning of a generated menu program.

This directive can appear in any procedure; it does not have to be in a particular procedure, such as the setup code. Additionally, the directive can appear anywhere in a procedure.

FileName must be a text file. The generator searches for the file in the current directory, in the FoxPro directory and subdirectories and along the MS-DOS path. If the file cannot be found, the menu generator comments your code - indicating that the file could not be found - and then continues the generation process.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development