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Instantiated whenever a project is opened, providing programmatic access to project events.



A ProjectHook object is a Visual FoxPro base class that is instantiated by default whenever a project is opened. (You can include the NOPROJECTHOOK clause in CREATE PROJECT and MODIFY PROJECT to prevent a ProjectHook object from being instantiated for the project.)

The ProjectHook object allows programmatic access to events that occur in a project. For example, you can execute code whenever a file is added to a project. Note that you can specify a default project hook class for new projects in the Projects tab, of the Options dialog box or you can specify a default project hook class for an individual project in the Project Information dialog box. At runtime, you can use the ProjectHook property to specify a project hook class for a project as in the following example:

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_VFP.Projects('MyProject.pjx').ProjectHook = ;
   NewObject('MyProjectHook', 'MyClass.vcx')

A ProjectHook base class can be created with CREATE CLASS, CREATEOBJECT(В ), or NEWOBJECT(В ).

For more information about projects, see Project Manager Hooks.

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