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This custom class uses the Mail Merge Wizard engine to generate a Microsoft Word Mail Merge document.

Category Automation

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VisualВ FoxProВ Catalog\FoundationВ Classes\Automation



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To use, drop the class on a project or form or, from the Component Gallery Item shortcut menu, select Add to Project or Add to Form. When you add the class to a form, specify the FROM table (cDataPath), the location and version of Word (cExe and cWordVersion), and other appropriate properties values. When you drop the class on a project, you can choose between adding the class or creating a subclass.

Properties, Events, Methods Description

aWPMrg[2,0] property

An array of procedures for handling various merge styles.

Default: .F.

cDataFile property

A FoxPro 2.6 copy of a Visual FoxPro 3.0 or later table.

Default: ""

cDataPath property

Specifies the path to the FROM table.

Default: ""

cDataSrc property

Specifies the data source for the ODBC connection.

Default: ""

cDocName property

Specifies the name of the existing .doc file.

Default: ""

cExe property

Specifies the full path to the Microsoft Word application.

Default: ""

cODBCSource property

Specifies the ODBC connection string.

Default: ""

cSaveFile property

Specifies the file for holding merged data.

Default: ""

CSQLstmt property

A SQL statement for extracting data.

Default: ""

CSQLstmt2 property

Specifies an additional SQL statement, if cSQLStmt is greater than 255 characters (for Microsoft Word).

Default: ""

cWordVersion property

Specifies the version of Microsoft Word that is installed (for example, '8').

Default: ""

lAlerted property

Specifies whether a failure alert was issued.

Default: .F.

lEnglish property

Verifies whether Microsoft Word recognizes English Word Basic commands.

Default: .F.

lHasVerWord property

Verifies the presence of Microsoft Word.

Default: .F.

nNewDoc property

Indicates whether a new document will be used (see Mailmrge.h).

Default: 1

nTemplate property

Specifies the main document type. Applies to Microfot Word only. See Mailmrge.h.

Default: 1

nWordProc property

Specifies the selected word processor. See Mailmrge.h.

Default: 1

SysCh property

Specifies a DDE channel.

Default:В -1

CheckVer method

Verifies the version of Microsoft Word being used. Internal to the class.

Syntax: CheckVer(В )

Return: none

Arguments: none

GetMSW method

Retrieves the Microsoft Word command line from the registry.

Syntax: GetMSW(m.cversion)

Return: the full path to Microsoft Word

Arguments: m.cversion specifies the version of Microsoft Word being used.

MrgCommaDel method

Generates a comma-delimited text file from data.

Syntax: MrgCommaDel(В )

Return: a comma-delimited file

Arguments: none

MrgWord method

Determines the versions of Microsoft Word to be used in the merge.

Syntax: MrgWord(В )

Return: none

Arguments: none

MSWerr method

The error handler for use while AppleScript is being run.

Syntax: MSWerr(В )

Return: none

Arguments: none

GetSQLst method

Retrieves the SQL statement for extracting data. Internal to the class.

Syntax: GetSQLst(В )

Return: none

Arguments: none

PrepData method

Determines the kind of data source that is being used for the mail merge and normalizes the data for processing, Internal to the class.

Syntax: PrepData(В )

Return: none

Arguments: none

SaveSQL method

Generates a table of SQL results. Internal to the class.

Syntax: SaveSQL(В )

Return: none

Arguments: none

WzMMData method

Copies data to a text file. Internal to the class.

Syntax: WzMMData(В )

Return: none

Arguments: none

MakeFieldListВ В В 

Internal to the class.


Internal to the class.


Internal to the class.


Internal to the class.


Internal to the class.


Internal to the class.

MMCleanup method

Closes files - Internal to the class.

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