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Configures how Visual FoxPro processes REPORT FORM and LABEL FORM commands.




Specifies that Visual FoxPro executes report rendering commands (such as REPORT FORM or LABEL FORM) similarly to versions prior to Visual FoxPro 9.0. (Default)


Specifies that when Visual FoxPro executes a command that requires report rendering, it will use the application specified by the _REPORTOUTPUT system variable to obtain an instance of a ReportListener class to perform the rendering.


The SET REPORTBEHAVIOR command allows your existing reporting code to take full advantage of the new GDI+ report rendering engine with one command.

SET REPORTBEHAVIOR has no effect on REPORT FORM and LABEL FORM commands that have a ReportListener instance specified via an OBJECT clause.

SET REPORTBEHAVIOR 90 is respected by the Report Designer and Label Designer in that they will use a ReportListener to perform the rendering when you select Print Preview from the Report menu.

The scope of SET REPORTBEHAVIOR is global.

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