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This subclass of the field mover list box class automatically loads tables and fields from the current datasource.

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VisualВ FoxProВ Catalog\FoundationВ Classes\UserВ Controls



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To use, drop the class on a project or form or, from the Component Gallery Item shortcut menu, select Add to Project or Add to Form. When you add the class to a project, you can choose between adding the class or creating a subclass. When you add the class to a form, Visual FoxPro opens a builder so you can accept or specify the appropriate cDBCTable, cDBCName, SkipGeneral, SkipMemo, AllowReadOnly, and AllowQuery values on the form in the Form Designer.

See Guidelines for Using Visual FoxPro Foundation Classesfor more information on using foundation classes.

Properties, Events, Methods Description

AllowQuery property

Specifies whether to allow queries.

Default: .F.

AllowViews property

Specifies whether to allow views.

Default: .T.

ExclDBF property

Specifies the name of the table to exclude from the list.

Default: ""

ViewNoData property

Specifies whether to show view information without retrieving data.

Default: .T.

GetDBCAlias method

Retrieves the database file (.dbc) alias.

Syntax: GetDBCAlias(cDBC)

Return: none

Arguments: cDBC specifies the database alias.

GetDBCData method

Retrieves database table fields.

Syntax: GetDBCData(cDBCName)

Return: data fields

Arguments: cDBCName specifies the name of the database.

GetDBCName method

Retrieves the database name.

Syntax: GetDBCName(В )

Return: none

Arguments: none

GetDBCTable method

Retrieves the database table.

Syntax: GetDBCTable(cDBCTable)

Return: none

Arguments: cDBCTable specifies the short name of the table.

GetFreeData method

Retrieves free table fields.

Syntax: GetFreeData(В )

Return: none

Arguments: none

MoverRefresh method

Refreshes movers.

Syntax: MoverRefresh(lRefresh, lQuickPass, cSaveLstValue)

Return: none

Arguments: lRefresh specifies whether to repopulate listboxes and popups.lQuickPass specifies whether to restore if the environment is unchanged.cSaveLstValue specifies the value to restore.

OpenTable method

Opens the datasource.

Syntax: OpenTable(В )

Return: none

Arguments: none

UseTable method

Handles what table is opened with USE and whether the table is opened exclusively.

Syntax: UseTable(cGetDBF, lUseExcl)

Return: none

Arguments: cGetDBF specifies the table to use.lUseExcl specifies whether the table is opened exclusively.

ExclusiveSet method

Internal to the class.

RefreshCurrent method

Internal to the class.

TableChange method

Internal to the class.

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