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The following database diagrams might give you ideas for designing your own database. These databases aren't included with Visual FoxPro; they're included here as examples of the types of databases and tables you can create.

Appointments Database

This database structure stores appointments for a professional office, and could easily be modified for use in an office of doctors, dentists, lawyers, or accountants. The Appointments table has a multiple-field primary key to uniquely identify each appointment. This primary key, the "client_sta" index, is created by indexing on an expression that combines the client_id and date_start time fields.

FoxProClientEmployeeAppointments screenshot

Personnel Database

This database structure stores human resources information. The Job History table stores information on each hire or promotion, so it can contain many records for each employee.

FoxProEmployHistoryTitleDepts screenshot

Library Database

This database stores information about library books and loans to patrons. Notice the many-to-many relationships between the Books and Authors tables and between the Books and Subjects tables.

FoxProAuthorPublishingConnections screenshot

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