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Specifies whether an item is selected in a combo box or list box. Not available at design time; read/write at run time.

Control.SelectedID(nItemID)[= lExpr]

Return Value


Specifies the item ID of an item in a combo box or ListBox.

The settings for the SelectedID property are:

Setting Description

True (.T.)

The item is selected.

False (.F.)

(Default) The item isn't selected.


Applies To: ComboBox | ListBox

Setting the SelectedID property on a Listbox control also sets the ListItemID property, and fires the ProgrammaticChange event.

The SelectedID property is particularly useful where users can make multiple selections. You can quickly check which items in a list are selected. You can also use this property to select or deselect items in a list using code. To check whether the third item in a ListBox is selected, issue the following:

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IF MyList.SelectedID(3)
    WAIT WINDOW "It's selected!"
    WAIT WINDOW "It's not!"

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