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Specifies that text displayed in a Column object has one or more of the following styles: Bold, Italic, Strikethru, or Underline. The logical expression is reevaluated each time the Grid control is refreshed. Available at design time; read/write at run time.

Column.DynamicFontBold [= "lExpr"]
Column.DynamicFontItalic [= "lExpr"]
Column.DynamicFontStrikeThru [= "lExpr"]
Column.DynamicFontUnderline [= "lExpr"]

Return Value

" lExpr "

Specifies a logical expression that evaluates to True (.T.) or False (.F.). The following table describes the settings for these values.

lExpr evaluates to Description

True (.T.)

Font style is bold, italic, strikethru, or underline.

False (.F.)

Font style is not bold, italic, strikethru, or underline. (Default except for DynamicFontBold)


Applies To: Column Object

You can use these properties to control the appearance of text based on data values at run time. For example, you can set DynamicFontUnderline to indicate names of new members in an organization.

The GridВ AutoFit method might not resize adequately to display the entire contents of a column if you use these properties.

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