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You can view properties, methods, and events for certain objects, for example, for a form or an object on a form, by displaying them in the Properties window. For more information, see Properties Window (Visual FoxPro).

To view properties for an object

  1. Select the object that you want to view properties for.

  2. On the Window menu, click Properties Window.

You can also view properties for an object by right-clicking the object and choosing Properties, when available, from the shortcut menu. When the Properties window is open, you can view properties by selecting objects in the object list of the Properties window. The Properties window refreshes to display the properties, events, and methods for the selected object.

To view properties that multiple objects have in common, press and hold SHIFT while you select several objects on the form. The properties list shows common properties for the objects you select.

Viewing Truncated Values in the Properties Window

Sometimes values for properties, events, and methods can appear truncated in the properties list if the values extend beyond the right edge of the Properties window. However, you can still view these truncated values.

To view a truncated value in the properties list

  • Expand the Properties window.


  • Moving the mouse over the property, event, or method in the properties list to display the value tip.

Value tips show the visual class libraries, if they exist, from which methods and events are inherited and settings for read-only properties.

Viewing Values for Read-Only Properties

You can view the value for a read-only property that appears truncated in the Properties window without expanding the Properties window.

To view the value for a read-only property

  1. In the Properties window, right-click the property you want to view.

  2. On the shortcut menu, select Zoom.

For more information, see Zoom <property> Dialog Box.

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