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Allows you to fine-tune how records are retrieved in a view or how updates are made to the server or source tables. This command is available with views only.

Connection Information

Connection Name/Data source

Displays the name of the connection or data source being used to access the data in the view.
Share Connection

Specifies that Visual FoxPro is to use the same connection for new views you create. This option applies only to remote (ODBC) data. If you currently have a connection set up, you can set this option to Uses Current Connection for new views.

Data Fetching

Number of Records to Fetch at a Time

Controls how many records are returned at a time from the ODBC server or remote data source. For example, if you run a query that returns 1000 records, and you set this option to 100, the first 100 records will be displayed when you run the view, and the remaining records will be fetched in blocks of 100 as you continue to browse the results. Clicking All sets this value to –1, indicating that all records should be returned in the first fetch operation.
Maximum Number of Records to Fetch

Limits total number of records returned by a view. Clicking All sets this value to indicate that all records should be returned.
Use Memo When Character Field Length >=

Determines when long character fields should be converted to Memo fields in the output of your view.


Number of Records to Batch Update

Specifies number of records to update with a single command. For more information, see the REPLACE command and Scope Clauses.
Fetch Memo

Fetches Memo fields from the data source only when a memo field is activated in the view output.
Fetch remote data as needed

Disables progressive fetching and fetches rows only on an as-needed basis
Include Memo Fields in WHERE Clause

Specifies that when Visual FoxPro compares a record held locally to one on the server, it check for changes; memo fields should be included in this comparison. Some data sources don't support this option; in this case, including a memo field can cause the server to report changes, even if the records are the same.
Precompile SQL on Back-end Server

Specifies that Visual FoxPro pass the SQL query to the server to be compiled before being executed. If the server supports this option, queries can be executed substantially faster than if they are not compiled.

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