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You can use the Application Builder to generate forms and reports without having to write code.

To generate forms or reports

  1. Use the Database Wizard button, the Table Wizard button, or the Select button to locate and choose a data source.

    If you select the Database Wizard or Table Wizard buttons, Visual FoxPro opens the selected wizard for you. After you have used the wizard you will be returned to the Data tab of the Application Wizard.

    When you specify the data source, the grid displays the table name and selected Form and Report controls. The wizard automatically selects standard forms and presentation style for all forms and reports. If you accept the default form style and report style choices, go to Step 4; otherwise, go to Step 2.

  2. If you want to only change the form style, clear the Report check box. If you want to only change the report style, clear the Form check box. If you want to change both, leave them both selected.

  3. Choose the styles you want from the Style controls.

  4. Click the Generate button to create the forms and or reports you have specified.

    Because the data grid is cleared after you generate forms or reports, you should choose reports and forms with differing styles in separate 'generate' sessions.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development