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File: ...\Samples\Solution\Forms\Launch.scx

This sample demonstrates running multiple instances of a form. aForms is an array property of the form that launches the multiple instances. The following code is associated with the Click event of the command button that launches multiple forms:

Get the number of the last element in the array

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nInstance = ALEN(THISFORM.aForms)

Determine the Top and Left Properties to cascade the new forms. These settings are passed as parameters when the form instances are launched.

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IF nInstance > 1 AND ;
   TYPE('THISFORM.aForms[nInstance -1]') = 'O'
   nFormTop = THISFORM.aForms[nInstance -1].Top + 1
   nFormLeft = THISFORM.aForms[nInstance -1].Left + 1
   nFormTop = 1
   nFormLeft = 1

Set the caption to reflect the instance number

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cFormCaption = "Instance" + ALLTRIM(STR(nInstance))

Run the form and assign the object variable to the array element. The Linked keyword indicates that all instances will be released when the array is released. Without LINKED, the multiple instance forms would persist after the array is released.

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DO FORM Multi NAME THISFORM.aForms[nInstance] WITH ;
   nFormTop, nFormLeft, cFormCaption LINKED

Redimension the array so that more instances of the form can be launched.

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DIMENSION THISFORM.aForms[nInstance + 1]

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