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Specifies the data source type of the data source in the DataEnvironment or CursorAdapterВ DataSource property. The DataEnvironment or CursorAdapterВ DataSourceType property determines the value of the corresponding DataSource property. Read-only at design time and read/write at run time. There are two versions of the syntax.

DataEnvironment.DataSourceType [= cDataSourceType]
CursorAdapter.DataSourceType [= cDataSourceType]

Return Value


Character data type. The cDataSourceType parameter specifies a character string describing the data source type of the data source used by the data environment or cursor adapter. The following table lists the values for cDataSourceType.

DataSourceType DataSource


Reference to a valid ActiveX Data Object (ADO) RecordSet or Command object


A valid Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) connection handle

"Native", "XML", null (.NULL.), or empty string ("")



Applies To: CursorAdapter Class | DataEnvironment Object

You cannot use local and remote views as a "Native" source for CursorAdapter objects, but you can attach them using the CursorAttach method.

The DataEnvironmentВ DataSourceType is not specified at design time when the data environment does not specify a data source.

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