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Specifies the commands to use for the Memo fields fetch performed by the DelayedMemoFetch method. Read/write at design time and run time.

CursorAdapter.FetchMemoCmdList[ = cCommands]



Character data type. cCommands is a comma delimited list of pairs of Memo field names and corresponding Memo field fetch commands. The fetch command must be enclosed in angle brackets (< >). Ensure that there is no white space between the right angle bracket (>) and the comma in multiple Memo field name and fetch command pairs. The following example demonstrates the proper format for two pairs of Memo field names and corresponding Memo field fetch commands:
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"memofield1 <SELECT memofield1 FROM MyCAMemoFetch WHERE field3=?EVALUATE(this.RefreshAlias +'.field3')>, ;
Memofield2 <SELECT memofield2 FROM MyCAMemoFetch WHERE field3=?EVALUATE(this.RefreshAlias +'.field3')>"
You can specify any command that is supported by the data source and returns exactly one record. If a command for the target Memo field is not specified in the FetchMemoCmdList property, the CursorAdapter attempts to generate the command. The generated command is based on the data source and the CursorAdapter Tables, KeyFieldList, UpdateNameList properties. An error is generated if Visual FoxPro is unable to generate an appropriate command.


Applies To: CursorAdapter Class

Only the first result-set is used by the DelayedMemoFetch method.

An error is generated if data conversion from a source field to the target field is not supported. Validation rules for target fields are not executed. If a target record cannot be located, the native Visual FoxPro DelayedMemoFetch implementation marks the target record as DELETED and generates an error.

For ADODB Recordsets, the FetchMemoCmdList property is ignored. The CursorAdapter Tables, KeyFieldList, and UpdateNameList properties are also ignored, and no error is generated if key fields aren't specified. Fields are refreshed using the current field values in the Recordset.

If the lock type for the ADODB Recordset is not adLockBatchOptimistic or adLockUnspecified, the CursorAdapter calls the Resync Method with the ResyncValues parameter set to adResyncAllValues to refresh the record before the field value is retrieved.

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