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When you are finished creating a report or label, you can run reports by generating and controlling output from the report or label in different ways.

In This Section

How to: Preview Reports

Explains how to view a report before sending it to an output destination.
How to: Generate Output for Reports

Explains how to generate output reports and labels, for example, by printing them or sending them to a file.
How to: Control Record Selection in Report Output

Explains how to control the records to include when printing a report.
How to: Save the Printer Environment for Reports

Explains how to save the current printer environment settings with a report.

Related Sections

Working with Reports

Introduces Visual FoxPro reports and labels and how to include them in your applications.
Walkthrough: Creating Reports with Visual FoxPro

Provides steps for creating reports using the Report wizard and the Report designer, and discusses issues to consider when planning and creating reports.

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