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This class determines the state of an object. It saves and/or restores object property settings automatically or explicitly.

Category Application

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VisualВ FoxProВ Catalog\FoundationВ Classes\Application



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To use, drop the class on a project or form or, from the Component Gallery Item shortcut menu, select Add to Project or Add to Form. When you add the class to a form, provide any necessary input and output objects. When you drop the class on a project, you can choose between adding the class or creating a subclass.

See Guidelines for Using Visual FoxPro Foundation Classesfor more information on using foundation classes.

Properties, Events, Methods Description

aProperties[1,3] property

The array for saving/restoring properties of oObject.

Default: .F.

lAutomatic property

Specifies whether oObject properties are saved and restored. If this attribute is true (.T.), the _ObjectState object will restore all the attributes you've saved for its target object when the _ObjectState object is destroyed.

Default: .F.


Reference to the target object whose state is being saved.

Default: .NULL.

Restore method

Restores the value of a property for oObject if the value has changed. If tcWhichProperty is not passed, all saved properties of oObject are restored. This method is called with no argument in the _ObjectState.Destroy(В ) event when _ObjectState.lAutomatic is true (.T.).

Syntax: Restore(tcWhichProperty)

Return:В tcSave

Arguments: tcWhichProperty specifies the property to be restored.tcSave specifies the value to be restored.

Save method

Saves the current value of a property for oObject. You can use this instead of the tlSave argument of the Set method.

Syntax: Save(tcProperty, tcTypeValue)

Return: none

Arguments: tcProperty specifies the property being accessed.tcTypeValue specifies the value being saved for tcProperty.

Set method

Sets a property to a new value for oObject.

Syntax: Set(tcProperty, tvValue, tlSave)

Return:В none

Arguments: tcProperty specifies the property to set.tvValue specifies the value tcProperty is to be set to.tlSave specifies whether the current value is retained for later restoration.

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