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This class provides methods for handling certain array operations that are not performed by Visual FoxPro array functions, including inserting and deleting specific array elements, and scanning an array by column.

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To use, drop the class on a project or form or, from the Component Gallery Item shortcut menu, select Add to Project or Add to Form. When you add the class to a form, Visual FoxPro places the class icon on the form. You can specify the appropriate property values and provide any necessary input and output objects. When you drop the class on a project, you can choose between adding the class or creating a subclass.

See Guidelines for Using Visual FoxPro Foundation Classesfor more information on using foundation classes.

Properties, Events, Methods Description

AColScan method

Scans the column nColumn, of array aSearch for the value specified in sExpr.

Syntax: AcolScan(@aSearch, sExpr, nColumn, lRetRow)

Return: none

Arguments: aSearch specifies the array to analyze.sExpr specifies the expression to seek.nColumn specifies the column of the array in which to seek sExpr.lRetRow specifies whether the method returns the row number in which sExpr was found.

DelAitem method

Deletes an array element.

Syntax: DelAitem(@aArray, wziRow)

Return: none

Arguments: aArray specifies the name of the array being processed.wziRow specifies the item to be deleted.

InsAitem method

Inserts an array element.

Syntax: InsAitem(@aArray, sContents, iRow)

Return: none

Arguments: aArray specifies the name of the array being processed.sContents specifies a string value to be added to aArray.iRow specifies the row in which to insert the value in sContents.

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