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This sample illustrates providing users with a set of values, selected from another table, in a list box and in a combo box. The value the user chooses is stored in the current table.

It is often more convenient for a user to choose from a list of predetermined values, and, of course, you minimize the risk that the user will mistype a value. Setting a few list box properties is all that is required to provide this capability. For example, the following properties were set for cboEmp_id on the Using Combo Box page:

Property Setting








SELECT DISTINCT ALLTRIM( employee.first_name) + " " + ALLTRIM( employee.last_name) , EMP_ID FROM employee INTO CURSOR cEmpCombo ORDER BY first_name


3 – SQL Statement

Rather than having the user choose an employee id number from the drop-down list, the SELECT statement makes it possible for you to show the user the employees' first and last names.

Because the SELECT statement creates a cursor, code in the Destroy event closes the cursor.

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IF USED("cEmpCombo") THEN
   USE IN cEmpCombo

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