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Specifies the maximum number of rows to fetch when result sets are returned. When working with this property for regular cursors, use the CURSORSETPROP( ) and CURSORGETPROP( ) functions. Read/write.

Setting MaxRecords applies only to CursorAdapter objects with ODBC or ADO data sources and overrides the property setting of a cursor when attached to a CursorAdapter object. That is, changing the settings on the cursor using CURSORSETPROP() has no effect.

CursorAdapter.MaxRecords [= nValue]

Return Value


Numeric data type. The nValue parameter has a default value of -1, which specifies that all rows be returned. Setting nValue to 0 specifies that the view is executed, but no results are fetched.


Applies To: CursorAdapter Class

MaxRecords applies primarily for remote views and setting it does not affect local views. However, you can preset this property for local views that will be upsized.

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