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Use the Class Designer to create and modify classes visually. When the Class Designer window is active, Microsoft Visual FoxPro displays the Class Menu. The View Menu makes it possible for you to open complementary class design tools such as the Properties window, the Form Controls Toolbar, and the Layout Toolbar.

Classes are stored in class library (.vcx) files. To modify more than one class, you can open multiple class designers at the same time.

You can save classes by pressing CTRL+E while in the code editor. When you reopen the class, the code editor reopens to the same location in the code.

For detailed information on designing classes, see Object-Oriented Programming, and the topics How to: Create Classes and Subclasses and How to: Save Forms.

The Class Designer window consists of the Class window, which displays a single class. The Class window is anchored to the top-left corner of the Class Designer and cannot be moved unless the window contains toolbar types.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development