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Specifies the time interval between double and triple mouse clicks.

_DBLCLICK = nTicks



Specifies the time interval in seconds. Internal timing is measured in clock "ticks," which are each about 1/18th of a second. If you store an integer or decimal value to _DBLCLICK, Visual FoxPro may store it as a slightly different value due to rounding to ticks. At the startup of Visual FoxPro, the double-click setting in the Windows Mouse Properties Control Panel determines the _DBLCLick default value. _DBLCLICK can range from 0.05 to 5.5 seconds (1 to 100 ticks). _DBLCLICK applies to double click rate only and not to incremental search key capture period as in versions of Visual FoxPro prior to version 7.


The _DBLCLICK setting overrides the setting specified in the Windows Mouse Control Panel.

_DBLCLICK contains a numeric value that determines the time interval Visual FoxPro uses to check for a double or triple mouse click. _DBLCLICK is the time interval between mouse clicks. For example, if _DBLCLICK is set to 0.5 seconds, you have one half second to click twice for a double-click, and 1 second to click three times for a triple-click.

The larger the value of _DBLCLICK, the longer you can wait between the first and second click for Visual FoxPro to interpret the two clicks as a double-click. If _DBLCLICK is set to a very small value, even quick double-(or triple-) clicks may be interpreted as two (or three) single clicks.

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