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Specifies the margin in pixels between an image as specified by the Picture property on a control and the edge of the control as determined by the PicturePosition property. Read/write at design time and run time.

Control.PictureMargin [= nValue]

Return Value


Specifies the number of pixels between an image and the edge of the control. You can specify a value of 0 (default) to 65,535 for nValue. When PictureMargin is set to 0, positioning of the image is determined by the PicturePosition and Alignment properties. When PictureMargin is greater than 0, the image appears nValue number of pixels from the edge of the control and only PicturePosition affects the positioning of the image. For more information, see PicturePosition Property and Alignment Property.


Applies To: CheckBox | CommandButton | OptionButton

PictureMargin applies to CheckBox and OptionButton controls when their Style property is set to 1 (Graphical). For more information, see Style Property.

PictureMargin is disregarded when PicturePosition is set to a value greater than 11.

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