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These Solution samples illustrate application development tasks you can perform with Visual FoxPro.

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Bind, Raise, Unbind, and Retrieve Events Sample

Demonstrates binding events, raising events programmatically, unbinding events, and retrieving events.
Member Classes Sample

Demonstrates how specifying and subclassing member classes makes it possible for you to select a parent container, set the member class library, increase or decrease the member count, and view behavior at design time or run time.
OLE Drag-and-Drop Events Sample

Demonstrates ways to use OLE drag and drop by adding code to the OLEDragDrop and OLEDragOver events.
OLE Drag-and-Drop Data Formats Sample

Demonstrates how to use OLE drag and drop to report data about the dragged item by adding code to the OLEDragDrop and OLEDragOver events.
Pass Strongly Typed Arrays Sample

Demonstrates how you can pass a strongly typed array by reference to a COM server using the COMARRAY function. This sample also demonstrates the interface declaration syntax for specifying ByRef type arrays in the generated COM type library.

Demonstrates how to update and saves some form properties from and to a table using the SCATTER command with the NAME and ADDITIVE clauses and the GATHER command with the NAME clause.
Structured Exception Handling Sample

This sample demonstrates how to catch exceptions using the TRY and CATCH blocks, clean up resources using the FINALLY block, and throwing, or escalating, exceptions using a THROW statement.
Taskbar Icon Sample

Demonstrates some common uses of the Systray class, which supports using icons in the Taskbar Notification Area. The Systray class also supports mouse events, balloon tips, and Visual FoxPro shortcut menus for your Taskbar icon so you can use all the features of the Visual FoxPro Menu Designer.
Windows XP Themes Support Sample

Demonstrates different levels of Visual FoxPro support for Windows XP Themes.

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