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Visual FoxPro supports intrinsic (Visual FoxPro) properties, events, and methods in an Automation server type library. Only properties whose visibility is set as PUBLIC are included in the type library.

Both custom user-defined properties, and user-defined methods appear in Visual FoxPro type libraries as long as they are marked PUBLIC. For methods, Visual FoxPro also includes a return value type (variant) and a list of parameters (variants) parsed from the original method definition. Property descriptions from .vcx class files will also appear in the type library.

Type libraries generated by the Build process are stored in .tlb files created along with the .dll or .exe server. The type libraries are also included in the .dll or .exe file as a bound resource. This eliminates the need to ship the extra .tlb file, although it is still built, along with the .vbr file, for use with remote deployment.

The Visual FoxPro Release method isn't included in the type library because it already exists as a COM method.

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