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As with online data, analyze your requirements before creating offline views to determine the design of the views you will need in the offline database. Once you know the subset of data you want to use offline, you can start with an existing view or create a new view. If a view already exists that returns the records you want to use offline, you can use it, or you can create one programmatically. The view you take offline is stored in a .dbf file in the offline database container.

If you plan to modify data in an offline view, be sure to make the view updatable before you take it offline. Once a view is offline, you can only set its update properties programmatically; you cannot modify an offline view in the Query and View Designers.

To use an existing view offline

For example, if you want to go to client sites to update accounts, add customers, and record new sales, you need the customer information as well as current orders and the online product descriptions. You might have a view called customerinfo that combines information from the Customers table, Orders table, and OrderItems table. To create the view, use this code:

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To programmatically create a view offline

For example, the following code creates a view that displays data from the Products table and the Inventory table from the online database. Since no update criteria are specified, this view is read-only:

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CREATE SQL VIEW showproducts ;
   CONNECTION dsource ;
   AS SELECT * FROM Products INNER JOIN Inventory ;
   ON Products.ProductID = Inventory.ProductID ;

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development