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Makes it possible for you to set certain attributes on multiple selected report controls in the Report Designer or Label Designer. The attributes that can be set include protection flags, and the Print When (conditional printing) expression.

Apply these protection settings to the selected objects

Specifies whether protection settings will be applied to the currently selected report controls.
When in PROTECTED mode

Exposes logical flags that specify how the selected report controls will be able to be modified in the Report Designer when in protected mode.
Apply these conditions to the selected objects upon saving

Specifies whether the conditional print expression will be applied to each of the currently selected report controls.
Remove line if blank

Specifies that the report engine may contract the report band vertically if the evaluation of the report control results in no renderable content, and no other renderable controls occupy the empty space on either side of the control.
Print only when expression is true

Provides space for typing a logical expression that will be evaluated at report run time to control whether the control is rendered in the output. You may click the ellipsis (…) button to bring up the Expression Builder dialog box to assist you in writing the logical expression.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development